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Software Nation is a service company with two distinct and separate industry horizontals – start-ups/consumers and enterprises. We leverage our industry experience and core structure with tough leadership, advising, and product development for specific niche businesses. Whether for internal or external use, 3rd party utilization, big data processing, or analytics for the cloud and mobility space we have you covered. We also offer services in web development, design, mobile applications and SEO.

Native and Hybrid Mobile Development

We specialize in data compression and protocol processing for the mobility space with experience in leveraging IoT (internet of things), big data and analytics. We provide context-rich systems for enterprises and custom UX/UI design with social media integrations for consumer and start-up levels.

Enterprise Solutions and Development

We are focused on solving enterprise-wide problems, rather than departmental issues, through display, manipulation, and storage of large amounts of complex data and support or automation of business processes with that data (Cognos, SPSS, Infosphere, DB2, Watson).

UX/UI Design

UX design is about effectively addressing the needs and circumstances of your users, to produce an interface that is comfortable and even joyful to use. We realize that your users’ needs are always changing, as are their expectations of the technologies they use. Think it, build it, test it, and repeat.

Cloud Computing (Big Data/Smart Data)

We specialize in big data, cloud development and integration covering all 3 horizontals: self- service provisioning, elasticity and pay-per-use for private, public and hybrid use.

Website Reconstruction

Does your website need an upgrade? Our team of programmers and designers will update the functionalities and the design to give it a modern feel. Fixing your website to display the latest trends will help you remain competitive, and take your business to the next level!

SEO and Digital Marketing

Do you have an amazing website but not enough visitors? Our SEO experts will make sure your content pops up in search engine queries while simultaneously increasing your visitor traffic.


They are smart, multi-talented, communicate well, and are willing to do what it takes to make sure projects are done correctly.

Michael K.

Software Nation has been a pleasure to work with. Always there when we had questions or last minutes changes. Their work is superior and right on budget!

Ed S.

I've worked with developers for over 20 years, and these guys are simply the easiest and the best to work with. Their team of programmers, designers, and managers all work together seamlessly to achieve your targets.

Jason B.

It has been great to know Software-Nation. Working with them makes development effortless. They have great standards of operations that guarantee a quality product.

Matthew L.

We'll Test It

We write unit tests for all our applications.

We'll Code It

We provide custom solutions using modern technologies and the best rated frameworks.

We'll Design It

We will simplify the user experience of a product to become more user friendly.

We'll Launch It

We present accurate deadlines and stay true to our word.

We'll Bugfix It

We will rewrite your current source code and deliver a bug free code to you.

We'll Improve It

We give you real-time access to the dev. server so you can suggest improvements.

We've got you covered on all platforms.

We offer 3 free service hours to all new clients to show how we can be an asset.


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