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6 Benefits of Drones: How They Will Change Our Lives

6 Benefits of Drones: How They Will Change Our Lives

Drones, also called Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), are aircrafts without a human pilot aboard. Initially they used to be used in military missions when these were high risk but nowadays drones are turning a common device within our day after day life. They have the power of transforming the world for better and the benefits that people can obtain from these new gadgets are many. At the present we are still in an infant stage of consumer drone technology but it will not be long before we reach the point when we are wondering how we ever lived without drones on our lives.

  1. Package Deliveries By Air

Could you imagine receiving your mail in your garden? This is not only a pipe dream, some companies are currently working on the idea and the reality is that drones have already been tested in the United States and the United Kingdom to make this possible in the near future. Delivering by drones will allow people receive goods the same day they order with no extra cost and without minding where they live or the transportation infrastructure conditions. Food companies also announced that they would use this type of delivery to provide customer of a faster service. Below you can check out how the service works:

  1. Improving Surveillance and Security

One of the most immediate and promising applications of unmanned aerial vehicles will be surveillance and security. Drones can perform the inspection of large areas and collect information thanks to the payload installed on board as cameras and sensors, which are controlled from tablets, computers or even mobile phones. Most common operations could be border protection and control, natural disasters or private property supervision.

  1. Helping Decide Where to Live

Drones could be sent up in the air to analyze pollen count, pollution levels, temperature and humidity. Imagine that you are looking for a new residence; this could help you to monitor the environment quality of the potential new residence. In such a way people could be more informed to make the decision about where to live.

  1. Better Internet and Civil Infrastructure

Companies as Facebook or Google are working on improving Internet connectivity all around the globe by using drones. Facebook is currently testing its drone Aquila Unmanned Aircraft that will take Internet within poor areas. These kinds of projects are aimed to increase economic growth but global drone-provided Internet is still many years off into the future. However, in the next few years, drones will be used to examine safety and integrity of big structures as roads, bridges or even touristic attractions. In this way problems on their surfaces could be detected faster with less cost so safety will improve for everyone.

  1. Firefighting and Human Rescue

Having information when a fire starts could increase efficiency as well as providing a safer environment for firefighters. The small size of a drone allows surveillance of space that is no accessible. Drones could be in flight before the response team arrive on the scene and have additional information to make a more effective action plan. In the United States, Firefighter launched a drone at a house in fire and they could determine where to focus their efforts. Drones have also helped in rescue efforts; Fire Department located a lost hiker and rescued her by launching a drone.

  1. Making Agriculture More Efficient

Drones in agriculture are especially useful. Rather than having growers evaluate the fields manually on food, this technology allows farmers to gain immediate knowledge about the status of their fields in shorter periods of time. They can also create vegetation index images, indicating which plants are healthy and absorbing maximum sunlight and detect water needs.

Although at the moment the cost of drones is still too high and the main use is leisure, in the near future these useful gadgets will be part of our daily life for sure because of the high benefits.



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