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The Next Step in Virtual Reality

The Next Step in Virtual Reality

It could be that many people do not know what Virtual Reality is but everybody has heard about it. Virtual Reality can be defined as an artificial environment created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user suspends belief and accepts it as a real environment. To the moment this innovative reality could be experienced by sight and sounds but it will not be too long before people could experiment it by feelings. Future is about Virtual Reality and many companies have been working on developing tech gadgets, which allows experience this new reality.

VR Gloves are the latest device in this field. Although there are other VR tech gadgets in the market right now as the popular HTC Vive headset or Oculus Touch, none of them can be compared with DEXMO, the virtual reality gloves which offer something unique by providing tactile feedback for each finger. DEXMO has the capacity to capture 11 degrees of freedom for movement and it will also run wireless for a certain period of time, it is light and it could have different sizes, shapes and consistencies. Furthermore, it is intelligence enough to know how large is an object in virtual reality in order to provide sense of firmness by varying how abrupt the arms pull back on your fingers. This means that, for instance, people will be able to feel everything as they would in the real world when they are gaming. VR Gloves are able to communicate with virtual reality and combined with other virtual technology devices will allow users fully submerge in virtual experience what is to now impossible.

The company behind Dexmo, a Chinese Star-up, has been working on the mechanical exoskeleton gloves for the last two years and they have completed and tested more than 20 prototypes before finalizing this last version of the Dexmo system, which was showed to the technology marker. While it is innovative, it is not a new project, the company began with Kickstarter two years ago but finally it was decided to cancel it and wait for an improving version.

At the moment, the company has not given much information about Dexmo, there is not an accurate date of launching or pricing, the only fact we can suppose is that the innovating tech gadget will be in the consumer market in the near future. The very first application will probably be gaming and entertainment but it will also be a powerful tool for medicine, education or even job training.

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