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Comtrade Purchasing System

Comtrade Purchasing System

Software Nation is in the process of designing and developing custom enterprise software for purchase orders. This project is focused on access of the purchasing system through mobile devices, however it is fully responsive on all devices. The system is targeted towards employees on the go.

From a design perspective, this project encompasses many distinct user roles. This means that the screens must be tailored for each user profile because they have different rights and interactions within the purchase order software. The number of steps each user must take to interact with the purchasing system have been carefully planned out to create a seamless user experience.

Software Nation had to connect multiple custom functions to ensure the scalability of the purchase order system. Alongside the client, the Software Nation programmers and designers have discovered ways to implement a responsive view and user feel throughout the purchase order platform.

Comtrade is the largest IT company in the region with offices in 11 countries throughout Europe and North America. Comtrade operates in the fields of system integrations, hardware distribution and software solutions. The software system that Software Nation is designing and developing integrates all the offices together for order and purchase distribution.

Illustration by erik

March 30, 2016