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Eh You!

Eh You!

Eh You! developed by Software Nation is the fresh new social network that offers interesting features that connect you with people you want to stay in touch with while keeping your privacy secure. The sticky chat is the place where you can see all of your posts and your friend’s posts. All posts have an expiration date, by default settings they last 30 days. Chat sessions are like the posts because also they are deleted after a specific amount of time. In the case that either you or your friends decide to leave the chat session before its expiration, the entire session will disappear. Your friends can find you only if they know your correct display name, this avoids you from receiving random friend requests. The friend list has quick links to one-on-one chats and tagging your friends in posts. You also have the option to make a group and choose how many friends you want to add. Group content is private and available only to group members. Besides posting in the group, you have the ability to share all types of files with group members. You can also start a group chat based on an existing group.

Illustration by erik

March 23, 2016