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Jet Fuel

Jet Fuel

Jet Fuel is a project aimed at monitoring air systems. There are an extensive number of safety checks that must be completed before an aircraft can be given the green light for takeoff. This application covers all possible activities regarding the safety of the flights and validity of the airplane before takeoff.

To facilitate the whole process, we have created an application to simplify the process. Every employee who is involved in safety checks has their own profile, and uses the application while fulfilling their defined tasks. While doing the checks they can instantly send all information, finished duties and or any problems directly to the administrator.

Employees input system data and can indicate if there is an error. The application covers all areas of the aircraft, and will actively help to troubleshoot the problem. In the event that a problem occurs, an employee can take a picture of the problem and forward it to the appropriate person who is in charge. The application greatly reduces the amount of time needed to solve the problem and decreases the amount of errors.

The project is still in development phase, because the platform is so large and detailed that Software Nation wants to bring the whole system to a stand alone perfection; for this reason we are in the process of developing more safety/regulation features.

This App comes with a consumer friendly and easy to use mobile design which is scalable that can be easily customized. It offers countless solutions for the users such as an: easy to use-to-use design, mobile friendly, and it will rapidly detect the problem in a few steps and provide the operative with a solution.

Key Feautures for Jet Fuel:

  • Content Managment System (CMS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Mobile Website (Responsive) Design
  • Profesional Branded Website Design
  • Social Networks Links
  • Branded Email Marketing

Project Technology Stack

PHP (Laravel 4.2), JavaScript (Angular, jQuery), HTML/CSS, Bootstrap

Timeframe and Workload

Duration: 3-5 years

Illustration by erik

January 11, 2017