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Melody Pro

Melody Pro

Melody Pro is the most powerful music notation app on the App Store, created by our team. This app is the only app a musician will ever need.

Features for Melody Pro:

Virtual piano: As you play the piano, the music notation instantly appears on the screen, showing exactly what you just played in sheet music form. Save it for later, play it back or email it to your friends. With the instant notation piano, you will never forget a tune that you played off the top of your head. (iPad only, coming soon to iPhone). Create Your Own Sheet Music: The days of blank sheet music paper and a pencil are over. Now, easily drag and drop notes onto blank sheet music paper or play the virtual piano to create your own sheet music in the easiest yet most powerful way possible. You also have the option to play back what you just created, to make sure it sounds exactly how you want it to sound. (iPad only, coming soon to iPhone).. Tuner: Melody Pro features a highly accurate tuner, allowing you to easily tune all of your instruments with ease. Sheet Music Collection: All your sheet music, in one place. Musicians tend to have folders filled with sheet music either from their favorite artists, or that they have written themselves. Now with Melody Pro, you can keep all your sheet music seamlessly in one place. Melody Pro will also display your imported sheet music with the virtual piano underneath, allowing you to play all of your music on the spot. (iPad only, coming soon to iPhone).

Project Technology Stack:
iOS Development, UX/UI, Professional QA Testing

Timeframe and Workload:
Duration: 3 months

Illustration by erik

March 21, 2016