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Multitech is a company with over a 40 years old tradition. They design, develop and manufacture communications equipment for the industrial Internet of Things. With them it is all about devotion and commitment. They idea is to provide innovative solutions utilizing their own design and knowledge by listening their customers, employees and partners. Creativity and focus to produce technologies and transform the way we live by improving quality of life and business. Over 40 years they developed more than 22 Million MultiTech products and helped businesses around the globe. They proved they are a company that is easy to chose and easy to buy from. Loyal to their customers around the globe.
Software Nation was engaged to develop their primary eCommerce platform and internal ordering and processing systems based upon a powerful framework called PimCore that is packed full of functionality, which makes web application development from CMS to CRM lightning fast! It combines content and e-commerce and offers the functionality of a Content Management, Digital Asset Management (DAM), and a Product Information Management system. Pimcore processes any content, data and asset and efficiently aggregates data from different sources which is crucial for any master data management strategy. It is completely open-source, allowing designers and developers to create easy microsites, responsive sites, mobile sites, landing pages, mobile apps and more. Pimcore’s “connect anything” architecture and it’s holistic API driven approach, enable connectivity with business enterprise systems or external 3rd party applications. Our goal was to create a .NET application that exports data from a legacy database into PimCore using the PimCore Rest API. With that in place, we have created SSIS ETL Packages to export user-created data from PimCore to an ODS database. SSIS includes graphical tools and wizards for building and debugging packages, tasks for performing workflow functions such as FTP operations, executing SQL statements, and sending e-mail messages, data sources and destinations for extracting and loading data a management service, the Integration Services service for administering package execution and storage, and application programming interfaces (APIs) for programming the Integration Services object model. We have created a productivity tool that serves the product information for different purposes.

Key Features for PimCore:
• Import data to and export data from PimCore with other databases

Project Technology Stack:  

C# / .NET applications
.NET / C#
WCF Service

Timeframe and Workload:

Duration: 90 days

Illustration by erik

November 2, 2017