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Paukman BioAge Clinic

Paukman BioAge Clinic

Dr. Lev J. Paukman is one of New York’s leading doctors on the fight against anti-aging. While anti-aging is just one of the many areas that Dr. Paukman covers when it comes to his patients health, he wanted a website that displayed all aspects of his practice. He also emphasized the importance of having a user-friendly yet modern site.

Our team managed to surpass Dr. Paukman’s expectations. Dr. Paukman provided us with the freedom to create a custom design that would brand his new medical practice. We chose a timeless design and color scheme that establishes Paukman BioAge Clinic and provides brand awareness. Dr. Paukman also entrusted us with the honor of creating all logos for his new clinic.

The main feature of this site is an on-page booking. This allows all patients to be able to schedule an appointment from anywhere, without having to pick up the phone. From a clinical perspective, Dr. Paukman is able to obtain all information provided by his patients in a database where these records can easily be accessed.

Key Features for Paukman BioAge Clinic:

  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Mobile Website (Responsive) Design
  • Professional Branded Website Design
  • Social Networks Links
  • Branded Email Marketing
  • Custom Contact Form
  • Help Page
  • Custom Logo Design

Project Technology Stack:

Html, CSS, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript (jQuery), PHP 7, MySQL, Linux

Timeframe and Workload

Team: One front-end developer, one back-end developer, and one web designer

Duration: 30 days

Illustration by erik

March 2, 2017