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We live in a time where IT rules the world. With so much IT professionals out there, ProLegion wanted to create a platform where it would be easy for clients to find their IT resources and manage them at one place. ProLegion offers more directive services to their customers and connect them depending on their needs with the best vendors they have available. With ProLegion you can choose your client, location, rates and hours of work, and use all the tools needed to manage you work, like timesheets, invoices and payments.

Software-Nation team created whole site from scratch in Laravel, including Admin panel, chat functionality, user types and permission system. Due to the enormous amount of details required to create such user friendly site, our team wanted to make sure we use all the resources necessary to deliver the best platform possible. Platform designed to be easy to use, transparent and very helpful.

One of the better options in this site is the Workroom which is designed to keep all your tasks in one place, where you can manage and communicate across teams, view your completed projects and never lose your conversation history.

Key Features for ProLegion:

  • Admin panel
  • Mobile Website (Responsive) Design
  • Chat functionality
  • User types
  • Permission system
  • Workroom

Project Technology Stack:
PHP Laravel, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Timeframe and Workload:
Duration: 4 months

Illustration by erik

March 20, 2018