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Super Patient

Super Patient

Super Patient is a unique and revolutionary application that helps doctors have a better picture of ICU patients’ health progress. The idea of the application is that doctors will be able to monitor post-traumatic stress in real time and offer better care for patients. The application is a combination of a journal and different mind games through which doctors can track depression and anxiety on the admin panel.

Smart Bytes had a vision to use mobile games as a non-intrusive and calm way to monitor post-traumatic stress. To achieve this goal they turned to Software Nation. With the combination of unique game development skills, mobile and web technology expertise, and innovative development skills Software Nation made Smart Bytes’ revolutionary idea into reality.

Software Nation wanted to deliver a user experience oriented specifically to ICU patients so the team focused their attention on in-game sound with very minimal animation and main avatar motion. The artist who worked only on avatar creation was under strict supervision of the client and their team. His inspiration came from a medicine pill as a way to present the app as a path to recovery. The actual gamification and game flow was completely built from scratch. The game section of the application was developed in cohesion between Software Nation and Smart Bytes. Together we created a perfectly balanced game session that was tailored to help monitor the mood of the user (patient) and cognitive functions.

Doctors can track the condition of all their patients at any time by logging into the web portal. The admin panel is easy to use and very helpful since it shows all of the most valuable information about the patient’s mental or physical health. The application obtains this information through Super Journal and/or the mind games. If the patient is in a very bad condition or wants to hurt himself, the application is programmed to send an alert with that information to the nearest hospital.

The application was developed with over 10 years of experience in clinical research and intensive care.

Key Features for Super Patient

  • UI\UX
  • Determining application activity
  • Implementing the functionality
  • Using application context
  • Initiating activities

Project Technology Stack

PHP (Laravel 5.1 framework), IOS, Android.

Timeframe and Workload

Duration: 6-8 months

Illustration by erik

March 25, 2016