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The Ivy Key

The Ivy Key

The Ivy Key web-learning platform is providing world-class mentors on a global scale; the goal is to exemplify the skills needed to unlock the door to a successful high school, college and professional career. Software Nation in correlation with TIK designed, developed, and produced an interactive platform for professional education.

Delivered by Software Nation, the resulting DLS platform is a full service, complete system that manages all aspects of the e-Learning process. The DLS platform enables registrants to easily enroll in courses, access a variety of materials (including multimedia), get credits, pass exams, and get officially certified. Instructors can create and publish content, monitor students’ participation, and assess their performance via tests and exams.

In addition to the website we have created the mobile application, which is available for IOS system and can be downloaded at the Apple store.

Key Features for The Ivy Key

  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Mobile Website (Responsive) Design
  • Professional Branded Website Design
  • Social Network Links
  • Branded Email Marketing
  • Custom Contact Form
  • Training Video Library and Help Page

Project Technology Stack

PHP (Laravel 5.1 framework), JavaScript (jQuery), HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Timeframe and Workload

Duration: 1 year – 1,6 years

Illustration by erik

March 24, 2016