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Software Nation designed, developed, and produced Zeroeyes’ corporate identity and intellectual property (product). Zeroeyes is a mass surveillance, predictive analytical, artificial intelligent, deep data-mining program giving the highest probabilities in near real-time; which spans all networks infrastructure through advanced protocols controlled by IOT.

The Zeroeyes product design uses: IBM Watson (artificial intelligence) big data analysis, SPSS (predictive analytics), IVA (intelligent video analytics), facial recognition and many other logics.
Software Nation developed a software solution for face detection, building facial templates, and facial recognition. Zeroeyes uses the Recon Jet glasses to take a snapshot and send it for processing to our Zeroeyes web service. The first step for the software when the photo has been uploaded is to run facial detection. After the face detection, all the faces in the photo are marked.
Each face is stored in our database. Using those, we teach the artificial intelligence (Watson) how to formulate the facial template. We obtain photos and data about a specific person from social network APIs. Software Nation is utilizing IBM tools for building these templates by using photos from social networks. However, social networks aren’t our only data resource, we also use police and military support. After the facial templates are built, we compare all the photos we get as an input from the Recon Jet glasses. If a match is found, we send the results back to the Recon glasses so that the user can get profile data for the match.

Key Features for Zeroeyes:
• IBM Watson artificial intelligence driven
• SPSS Modeler/Predictive Analytics
• Intelligence Video Analytics Facial \Object Recognition
• Live streaming data flow on premise or in the cloud
Project Technology Stack:
JavaScript (jQuery), HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Timeframe and Workload
Duration: Still in procces

Illustration by erik

March 28, 2016