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What Does a Software Developer Do? – An Interview with a Front-End Developer

Here at Software Nation we wouldn’t be anything of course without our programmers. We decided to interview two of our front-end developers Uros and Alex about their job at Software Nation to get a better picture of what they do. But first, what is front-end development?

Front-end development is the so-called “client-side” of the website or web application. It is all the things that the users can actually see and interact with. Usually this includes both the web design and front-end development. Some of the programming languages used in front-end are HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

So what does a front-end developer do? Read below to get an insight to the daily life in our office!


What’s the first thing you do when you come to work?

Uros: Start working on the given tasks

Alex: Turn on the computer, prepare the environment for work and start to work on the project


What programming languages do you know?

U: HTML, CSS, SCSS, JS. I also have experience using Illustrator and Photoshop.

A: HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL


Describe a typical day at Software Nation.

U: A typical day includes working on the given tasks for the projects, resolving any issues and bugs and providing feedback for the clients.

A: Working on building the front-end part of websites, sometimes working on WordPress back-end tasks, fixing bugs and helping to accomplish important tasks.


What platforms do you develop for?

U: I develop full-responsive websites. That means they can be viewed on any device – desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone – regardless of what operating system they use.

A: I design for all platforms: Linux, Mac OSX, Windows and mobile phones.


Explain the most advanced/complex application development project you have worked on and provide its details.

U: Most advanced application I have worked on is an enterprise purchasing software, because of the variety of options and services it provides.

A: The Country Care website – I worked on the foundation framework, used html, css, Sass, php, a WordPress theme and WordPress plugins. I worked on both the back-end and front-end parts.


What sparked your interest to become a software developer?

U: Video games 🙂

A: I love computers and to learn about new technologies.


Is software development difficult or easy and why?

U: It depends on the project, the people you work with, and the deadlines. If the project is big, people unorganized, and the deadlines short, then it is hard. Otherwise, it is a lot easier.

A: It’s hard, because you need to learn and improve all the time.


What’s the best thing about being a software developer?

U: You can work from home, or any place that has a computer and internet connection.

A: You build beautiful websites that other people can see and use, and you learn new things every day.


Stay tuned to hear from our back-end developers next!