The Importance of UX/UI design

The success of a website or application depends on the traffic generated by the simple yet creative design and it’s accompanied functionality. To achieve this delicate balance, your website/app (product) should be eye-catching, so that it creates brand awareness and users will remember it. Good and successful website must follow UX/UI design. This means that the site is constructed so that it will be accessible and “user friendly” all while being visually pleasing. In order to achieve the satisfaction of users, an emphasis must be put on the user experience or UX, but must also pay attention to the UI, that will lead to the overall product experience. UX/Ui design

UX (User Experience) design

UX (User Experience) covers the functionality, content and interactivity of a product. UX main focus is for the product to flow smoothly from one step to the next. UX designers work in parts, first consisting of the planning phase, through which they must find the best way to present the product, so that it ties the users to the company. Followed by the wire frames – site basis. The wire frames are created so the designers will know where all parts (text, images, video, etc.) are located on the final product. The final stage in this part is web designing. Web design is the final piece where all these stages are assembled in one unit and are represented in a visual way.
UX/UI design

UI (User Interface) design

UI (User Interface) represents the overall user experience, when it comes to the visible functionality (i.e., when a user wishes to find out more about the product). The designer arranges how the product should be presented in the best way. It is important to create each page with which users interact, or the whole illustration, icons, harmonizing colors and graphics solutions.

These two components of the design are not the same but together they form the basis of good design. UX/UI design can be appreciated as two separate sections, but it is important to know that they are closely related and share the same vision. For this reason, it is very important to emphasize UX/UI design because all the above items ensure the full accessibility of the site and complete user satisfaction.