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Who Skywire is?

Skywire is the next evolutionary step in the internet’s development and use. We want to break the  chokehold that internet service providers (ISPs) have on the market by giving the power back to the  people. We are doing this by providing a decentralized community-driven mesh network where users  themselves will own and control the network’s infrastructure.
What Software-Nation done for Skywire
Software Nation helped create CRUD application for users and admins records. Also creating whitelist applications with data about miners. Skywire is developed in Golang to track all the records and making miners life a little bit easier.


Key Features for Skywire app:  
     - Admin and User data records   
     - Mobile Website (Responsive) Design   
     - CRUD app
     - Whitelist app
Project Technology Stack:
     - Golang, Angular 6

Timeframe and Workload:
      - Unlimited, 3 people