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The success of a website or application depends on the traffic generated by the simple yet creative design and it’s accompanied functionality. To achieve this delicate balance, your website/app (product) should be eye-catching, so that it creates brand awareness and users will remember it. Good and successful website must follow UX/UI design. This means that the site is constructed so that it will be accessible and “user friendly” all while being visually pleasing. In order to achieve the satisfaction of users, an emphasis must be put on the user experience or UX, but must also pay attention to the UI, that will lead to the overall product experience. UX/Ui design

UX (User Experience) design

UX (User Experience) covers the functionality, content and interactivity of a product. UX main focus is for the product to flow smoothly from one step to the next. UX designers work in parts, first consisting of the planning phase, through which they must find the best way to present the product, so that it ties the users to the company. Followed by the wire frames – site basis. The wire frames are created so the designers will know where all parts (text, images, video, etc.) are located on the final product. The final stage in this part is web designing. Web design is the final piece where all these stages are assembled in one unit and are represented in a visual way.
UX/UI design

UI (User Interface) design

UI (User Interface) represents the overall user experience, when it comes to the visible functionality (i.e., when a user wishes to find out more about the product). The designer arranges how the product should be presented in the best way. It is important to create each page with which users interact, or the whole illustration, icons, harmonizing colors and graphics solutions.

These two components of the design are not the same but together they form the basis of good design. UX/UI design can be appreciated as two separate sections, but it is important to know that they are closely related and share the same vision. For this reason, it is very important to emphasize UX/UI design because all the above items ensure the full accessibility of the site and complete user satisfaction.


Health technology, Projects

For many years, the health industry has been a closed system. Today we are seeing innovative new entrants challenge the traditional healthcare ecosystem, setting the stage for a New Health Economy. These new entrants come from the technology, consumer product, retail, telecommunications, and automotive industries. One thing they all have in common is that they are taking advantage of the expanding healthcare market. Healthcare Tech is an industry to watch because it provides many valuable benefits to both medical professionals and their patients.

Approximately 15% of the health apps are marketed to medical professionals. This percentage could rise quickly due to the number of eager entrepreneurs, the speed of development and the ongoing improvement of the health apps. By 2018, GlobalData estimates that the size of the health information technology market will reach beyond $8 billion. This is largely due to the rate of development of mobile healthcare apps, thus producing many new useful medical apps for both healthcare providers and patients. The possibilities of these health apps seem to be endless. They range from an app that lets you search for information on specific medications, to looking for an answer to a medical question in a hurry. Some let you download relevant medical journals, audio and video sources. The list goes on and on from getting feedback on a rare condition, connecting patients with another person in their proximity if they have forgotten to take their medicine, fitness goal achievement, pregnancy tracking, patient – doctor video chatting and many more. The health tech industry is booming, and there is an app for everyone depending on what your specific health needs or goals are.

Today, most of the health apps on the market focus on challenges in hospital settings, but are not interested in the mental state of the patient following a traumatic accident. The pool of highly innovative apps is enormous, but there is a specific mobile health app type that stands out from the rest. Smart Bytes’ Super Patient mobile health app provides medical professionals with the ability to track their patients’ post-traumatic stress levels, cognitive capabilities and anxiety levels, all in real time.

To take on the technical side of the project, Smart Bytes turned to Software Nation for the actual development of the mobile application. In an effort to produce the best possible user experience, Software Nation kept in mind that the focus group for the health app was recovering ICU patients in active therapy.

Luckily, one of the lead designers of Super Patient shared his insights and experience with us. Without any medical background, it was a unique situation for him to be put into, so the project required more supervision from the client. This was necessary to decide on a subtle pallet of shapes, colors, and animation. The Software-Nation team focused their attention on in-game sound with very minimal animation and main avatar motion. The artist who worked only on avatar creation was under strict supervision of the client and their team. His inspiration came from a medicine pill as a way to present the app as a path to recovery. The actual gamification and game flow was completely built from scratch. The game section of the application was developed in cohesion between Software-Nation and Smart Bytes. Together we created a perfectly balanced game session that was tailored to help monitor the mood and cognitive functions of the user (patient). Software Nation’s team of developers and designers were given constant feedback from the medical staff. After a knowledge driven session of trial and error, the building of the health app from scratch proved to be a success.

The games are adequately balanced in an effort to make medical professionals comfortable with tracking their patients’ progress after leaving the ICU, whilst making the patients comfortable with using it on their part. Super Patient allows patients to choose one out of five mind games to play or a journal to communicate how they are feeling at the moment. Simple changes in behavior over time provide medical professionals with invaluable insight. There are a number of additional benefits that come from this unique mobile health app such as decreased health care costs, a better patient-doctor relationship, possibility to help treat patients in various situations (post-traumatic stress, brain injury, dementia, etc.), and a global system-integration potential.

The team at Software Nation is thankful for the opportunity to work on a project of this kind. It was a great experience getting to combine design, animation, games, and mobile development. Software Nation developed Super Patient for the greater cause of making someone’s healing process a little more pleasant and a little less painful.


To download the Super Patient whitepaper click here.


Software-Nation LLC developed the mobile application and admin panel as well as made the graphics for Super Patient in cooperation with Smart Bytes LLC.


Design, Projects

The use of mobile devices is increasing constantly and they have already passed the number of desktop computers. In a few years, a smartphone might well be the only computer you need. Each generation of smartphones is more powerful than before, and soon they will be capable of doing almost anything a computer can. With the growing amount of mobile devices, businesses are struggling to keep up and mobilize their systems. However, smartphones are handy, and can be taken along in almost any job. By mobilizing applications, they will be accessible to more people and have better usability. With mobile applications, a business can make many processes faster and more efficient.

Software Nation is currently working on an enterprise purchase order software for multiple platforms. This purchasing system required different rights for different employees as each employee has a different level of authority in the application. When looking at it from the design point of view, this means personalized screens for each user profile as each user sees and is able to do different things in the application. These functions were very difficult to incorporate into an actual user experience (UX) and graphical user interface (GUI). In this case, different GUI responsive kits were used to save time and build the front-end side of the platform within a very strict timeline.

User experience design is one the most important features of any application regardless of technology or type. The combination of interactive and user experience design results in a competitive product which is adapted for the needs and necessities of modern human interaction. If the user achieves the required and desired result in just a few steps, the design team has succeeded in their job. In the quickly changing digital era, designers need to make sure to follow all the latest trends in design and user experience. Especially when working on enterprise level products for mass consumption with numerous functions, such as the purchase order software in question, designers need to give their best to achieve the best possible user experience on the market.

In terms of mobilization, the main challenge for UX/UI designers today is to mimic and present a stand-alone web app through responsive design on much smaller devices. The general approach in this branch of user experience design is to achieve the same look and feel as on desktop platforms. The responsive time and layout scheme of mobile devices has to be designed and redesigned in several stages until the main features and their workflows are simple and user friendly. About 80% of today’s development is going towards mobile devices, so the importance of mobile design is increasing. In the case of the enterprise purchase order software, the main focus for the Software Nation design team was to make the purchasing software optimized for mobile devices.

Designers have many tricks and effects that they use to achieve a smooth user experience no matter what device the user prefers. The enterprise purchase order software was a result of the complicated correlation of many custom processes. The scalability of these functions was one of the main challenges for our design team. All the processes were under strict supervision and guidance of both the client and Software Nation. Together we were able find a way to implement a responsive view and user feel throughout the platform.

In practice, everything the design team made for the enterprise purchase order system was checked and rechecked numerous times. We exported a live design for various devices daily. Our target users were staff on the move and in various situations. We also had to keep in mind that not every user uses the same device. The way a user interacts with the system and the number of steps they take in the order/purchase process was precisely planned. The number of interactive cells on one particular screen session was changed numerous times until we achieved a perfect workflow. This approach resulted in an outstanding user experience which was the desired outcome for the design team.

In addition, designers also need to work very closely with software developers. To connect the user experience and the design, the designer and developer need to cooperate in all stages of the process. In the case of the purchase order software, the client and Software Nation achieved this by constant back-and-fourth messaging and numerous meetings. Without this cooperation of users, developers and designers, the goal of a complicated enterprise purchase order software would have been impossible to optimize on all different devices.


Design, Software Nation

I interviewed our designer David about his job at Software Nation. During a typical day, he does UX and UI design, communicates with clients, takes care of everyday administrative tasks and attends client meetings.

Designers take care of the creative part of developing an app or website.

UX design is short for User Experience Design. It aims to improve customer satisfaction by making the product easy to use, and the interaction with it useful and satisfactory. A UX designer plans what the customer experience will look like and how a user will interact with a product.  A few techniques that UX designers have are wireframes, user testing, and scenarios.

UI design on the other hand means User Interface Design. It is the design of user interfaces for web and mobile apps and software. UI design compliments UX by determining how an app will look like, how information is presented and how users will interact with it. UI design might also include branding, which David also has experience in.

Underneath you can read what David answered to our questions!

What’s the first thing you do when you come to work?

D: Turn my iMac on 🙂

What design languages do you know?

D: Adobe Master Collection CS6, Sketch

What platforms do you design for?

D: All of them 🙂

Explain the most advanced/complex application development project you have worked on and provide its details.

D: A purchasing software that required overcrossing UX/UI functions with a custom responsive design for multiple client roles.

What sparked your interest to become a UX/UI designer?

D: The knowledge and accomplishment in design and desire to be the best designer in this part of the world.

Is UX design hard or easy and why?

D: UX design is a complex process of trial and error. Overcoming obstacles and making a process as simple and user friendly as possible. The way to simplicity is always complicated.

What’s the best thing about being a UX/UI designer?

D: Seeing your product coming alive, and making someone’s life and business better.


Thanks David for the interview! Stay tuned for more interviews with our software developers.


Software Nation
Here at Software Nation our team will do everything in their power to offer you the best solutions for your tech needs. Our team consists of professionals in UX design, web and software development (front-end and back-end), and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We offer everything from cloud computing (big data/smart data) to complex enterprise software solutions. Our headquarters is located in Boston, Massachusetts and we have high quality offshore software development in Central Europe. The majority of our clients are U.S. enterprises and startups. We are always looking to build new relationships with consumers looking to enhance the technological outreach of their business. What can you expect when working with Software Nation? The first aspect that our clients appreciate is the 24/7 Skype support. This means that you can talk to a real team member on Skype anytime to answer any concerns you might have about the project. Even our European office has U.S. staff that works Eastern Standard Time Zone, so you don’t have to worry about the time difference. We work to provide you the best service, Monday- Friday 7am to 3pm. Secondly, our programmers code in real-time. What does this mean for you? This gives you the ability to see the back-end progress and ensure the quality of work. We don’t hold the project captive. You are able to test everything live while the project is still in the development process. At the end of each day, we make sure to push the code on our development server. This allows you to see the changes in real-time. If something is not to your satisfaction, you can let us know right away so that we can fix it immediately. Our promise to you is an e-mailed progress report from one of our Software Nation business analysts at the end of each working day. You don’t have to be tech savvy to keep atop of your project. The report is written so that everyone is able to understand the technological progress. Through these methods, we believe that we are able to effectively keep both the client and programmers up to date on the current status of the project. We will become experts in your area of interest, and make your digital needs come to life. Still having doubts? Let us prove why Software Nation is the best fit. We will ensure compatibility by providing 3 free service hours for all new clients. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today at or call +1 617-275-2635.