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Software Nation DOO is a company registered in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Serbia.
On the day 27.12.2017. the General Terms and Conditions are issued with the effect from the date of its publication on the website of and which constitute the legal framework and which are directly applicable to the legal relations with users and the clients.

1. The content and scope of the General Terms and Conditions of Business
The User agrees that by accepting and browsing the web site Software nation LLC , that is, using and / or downloading any content from it, it agrees with these General Terms of Business in their integral form which constitute the integral agreement concluded by the User with Software Nation LLC.

2. Materials and information on the website
The User agrees that all materials, as well as the information contained on the company’s website, are free of charge and may serve for informational purposes, and in this case they will not be construed as a commercial offer, license, or advisory, fiduciary or professional relationship between you and the company , unless otherwise noted in the contract. The information given on this website may refer to products or services that are not available in the country of the user. All disputes are settled at the business location of SN, headquartered in Belgrade, Serbia.

3. Links to Third Party Websites
Links to Third Party Websites are only provided for ease of reference and do not imply any approval or indebtedness by Company-linked sites, even if they contain the company logo, since such locations are outside the control of the Company. The company can not therefore be held liable for the content of any linked site or any link contained therein.

4. Intellectual property
This website is protected by intellectual property rights and is solely owned by Software Nation as a company. All material on this site, including software and computer programs, developed by Software Nation LLC for the needs of its clients, as well as other information, but not limited to, text, data, graphics, images, sounds, videos, logos, icons and the html code is protected by the Intellectual Property Law and remains the property of the company up to the moment of handover to the final User. This also includes all source codes developed by Software Nation using the resources and development capabilities of the software owned by the Software Nation, unless otherwise agreed in a written form of the contract. Software Nation agrees that the entire material on the website may be used for personal and non-commercial purposes in accordance with the relevant intellectual property rights principles, and without the special permission of Software Nation LLC. Software-Nation prohibits any other use of intellectual property rights or the modification of such rights for non-commercial purposes without the prior written permission of the company itself. By using material that will harm or threaten Software Nation BRAD or IP, if it is breached, Software Licensee shall have the right to institute legal proceedings against the Entities or persons / persons to protect those rights.

5. Warranty and liability
The User agrees that all materials (including software that can be downloaded, with its executable files and / or both), located on the Company’s Web site, are provided “as they are” and without any warranty of any kind, to the extent which is permitted by the applicable laws of the Republic of Serbia. Although the Company will make reasonable efforts to provide reliable information through its website, the Company does not warrant that this site is free of inaccuracies, errors, omissions, viruses, worms, Trojan horses and the like, or that its content is appropriate for your particular use or is up-to-date. The Company reserves the right to change the information provided on this site at any time without prior notice. The company does not guarantee any results arising from the use of any software available on this site. You are solely responsible for any use of the materials contained on this site.
The user is aware that the software that was created according to his instructions (with his excellent files and / or both) can be found on the company’s website only for the purposes of monitoring the work on that software and testing it. The Company can not bear any liability if it has taken all reasonable measures to protect such information until the moment of handing over the software to the user, and especially after the handover has been executed within the deadline and in the manner in which the user and the Company agree to it mutually.
The User is aware that the Company is liable only for damages that arise as a result of actions due to gross negligence or intent from the Company or persons employed in the performance of contractual obligations on behalf of the company or as a result of the absence of a guarantee or false representation. All other responsibilities are excluded. This is especially true in case of loss of data of any kind or misuse of any data.
Where the Company’s liability is excluded or limited by the above provisions, this also applies to the personal liability of full-time employees of the Enterprise, other employees, representatives and persons employed in the performance of contractual obligations on behalf of the Company.

6. Data protection – Cookies
The user is aware that the company’s website uses cookies.
Information on data protection can be found in our privacy policy.

7. User comments – customer obligations
The Company does not undertake any obligation to follow any information you may publish on your website.
By this way, you guarantee that any information, material (the term “material” means any projects, files or other attachments that are sent to us) or comments that are not personal data that you can transfer to a company through a website, do not infringe the intellectual property rights of SN or any which other applicable law. Such information, materials or comments will be treated as confidential and non-proprietary. By submitting any information or materials, you give the Company an unlimited and irrevocable license to use, execute, display, modify and transmit this information,
of this material or of these comments, including any ideas, concepts or knowledge. The Company reserves the right to use such information in any way it deems appropriate. The company also reserves the right to erase or refrain from publishing any comments or materials that do not meet these specifications as it is considered appropriate for the brand and / or culture of the SN.

8. Applicable law – division
Software Nation DOO declares that all criminal, civil and other procedures that are conducted before the court or other state bodies of the Republic of Serbia, in connection with the regular operation of the Company, SN DOO will endeavor to settle them in a peaceful way by referring to these General Terms and Conditions and in accordance with laws of the Republic of Serbia.
For all procedures conducted, it is foreseen as exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the Republic of Serbia, and in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions of Business.

9. Changing Terms of Use
The Company reserves the right to change these General Terms and Conditions under which this Site is offered at any time and without prior notice. You will be automatically bound by these changes when using this site, and you should read the Terms of Use from time to time.

10. Download and print

These conditions can be stored on your computer or printed directly.

11. Acceptance and Transfer of Software either as binary or executables.

Company SN reserves the right to retain binary or source files as intellectual property, unless agreed otherwise.

These conditions will be a part of the statement of work and will be used as a delivery model for any given project as part of the offer. In addition, the agreement on non-disclosure should be signed before all obligations are delivered to the SN. The entity that signs the contract with the SN signs the documentation, statement of work and the document of specification which are the request and the part of the agreement at the start date of the project it self. Upon completion of the project, the entity or user signs a specially prepared document of the acceptance of products and services developed according to the specification and in this way confirms the completion of the project it self. This is a formal handover of the project with the specifications specified in the mutual statement of work (SOW).

In the acceptance phase, the entity or user agrees to test the product before the final release and final signature of the official handover document. All previous code reviews and documentation are part of the final handover of the project. The signed documentation means the termination of the contract, and that product is finished and that will be surrendered to the buyer.

During the handover, the customer makes his own quality control of his product, in order to establish that the product is completed according to the project documentation and specification. The moment when the client agrees that the project is completed, he signs the release document on the intellectual property, after which the project itself is submitted in the form of the source code. Any support after handover will not be a liability of the SN, unless the client or the user signs the SN support contract, and on the basis of that contract, SN will engage their own resources for compensation for additional work at the desired point, according to the concluded contract for support.